Dear clients, we carry on teleworking

Given the current state of alarm that has taken place due to the global pandemic of COVID-19 and to ensure not only the health of our employees, but that of everyone, especially our elderly population, since last Friday, the team at englishpanish has decided to continue our translation, revision and interpretation activities via the telework method.

So, taking advantage of the use of our technical equipment (englishpanish relies on workstations that permit connection and disconnection from laptop computers, as well as data files in the cloud), translators and project managers will now be working individually from their homes, responding to emails and telephone calls (the telephones of our offices in Spain and Portugal will be diverted to our mobile numbers to respond to calls) via our regular contact channels:



We will continue to offer services to facilitate the activity of key businesses (food, distribution, supplies, etc.), the public administrations and health and scientific organisms through our technical, scientific and academic translation departments.

And with our remote interpretation service and virtual interpretation cabin, we are able to provide oral translation services without the need for displacement by either translators or interlocutors, thereby avoiding the risk of infection.

Today, more than ever, we understand the need for communication without language barriers, and time is clearly of the greatest essence. So, we offer our full support in these unprecedented times which, with the cooperation of all, we will overcome.

Before concluding, I wish to offer my sincerest message of thanks and support to the specific part of our client portfolio, consisting of physicians, healthcare and pharmaceutical workers who are making every effort to be of service to all, oftentimes risking their own health.

My warmest regards to all. We are at your full disposal.

About Xerezade Ansedes López

Graduate Degree in Translation and Interpreting from Universidade de Vigo, Spain. Degree in English Language and German from Bangor University, UK. English teacher and translator and proofreader in the German and English to Spanish combinations. Published author.

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