Academic review

Academic Review

englishpanish works with in-house and freelance translators and proofreaders who specialise in different areas of the academic field and with diverse language competences.

Proofreading is more complex than translation itself. Therefore, our team has extensive background knowledge and over 10 years of hands-on experience in the proofreading of academic texts. In addition, they have native language competences and specialise in different areas of expertise.

Every year, we work on hundreds of research projects carried out by authors who trust englishpanish to ensure the maximum quality of their papers, which is achieved through a comprehensive proofreading process. This proofreading process reviews not only grammar, terminology and orthotypography, but also style and wording.

Examples of services offered by this department

Proofreading of Articles, Proofreading of Studies, Proofreading of Papers, Proofreading of Essays, Proofreading of Reports, Proofreading of Summaries, Proofreading of Abstracts, Proofreading of Books, Proofreading of Manuals, Proofreading of Teaching Materials, Proofreading of Monographs, Proofreading of Reviews, Proofreading of Dissertations, Proofreading of Theses, Proofreading of Compositions, Proofreading of Scientific Journals Proofreading of Expository Texts, Proofreading of Argumentative Texts, Proofreading of News Articles, Proofreading of Web Pages, Proofreading of Programmes, Proofreading of Agendas.

Types of proofreading by field

Podiatry Proofreading, Haemotherapy Proofreading, Radiotherapy Proofreading, Gastronomy Proofreading, Sports Proofreading, Physical Education Proofreading, Sports Management Proofreading, Anatomy Proofreading, Radioisotope Proofreading, Medical Cosmetology Proofreading, Medicine Proofreading, Nursing Proofreading, Odontology Proofreading, Laboratory Proofreading, Gynaecology Proofreading, Obstetrics Proofreading, Nutrition Proofreading, Cardiology Proofreading, Occupational Therapy Proofreading, Ophthalmology Proofreading, Physical Therapy Proofreading, Radiology Proofreading, Radiology Proofreading, Clinical Neurophysiology Proofreading, Psychology Proofreading, Psychiatry Proofreading, Electronics Proofreading, Industrial Mechanics Proofreading, Agrarian Proofreading, Agriculture Proofreading, Telecommunications and Networks Proofreading, Computer Science Proofreading, Industrial Proofreading, Building Proofreading, Mechanics Proofreading, Mechatronics Proofreading, Teaching Proofreading, Education Proofreading, Music Proofreading, Philosophy Proofreading, Astronomy Proofreading, Geography Proofreading, Sociology Proofreading, History Proofreading, Biology Proofreading, Law Proofreading, Mathematics Proofreading, Audiovisual Communication Proofreading, Chemistry Proofreading, Philology Proofreading, Literature Proofreading, Physics Proofreading, Biomechanics Proofreading, Astrophysics Proofreading, Foreign Languages Proofreading, Linguistics Proofreading, Journalism Proofreading, Video and Sound Proofreading, History of Art Proofreading, Visual Arts Proofreading, Industrial Design Proofreading, Biochemistry Proofreading, Information Technologies Proofreading, Technology Proofreading, Geology Proofreading, Environmental Studies Proofreading, Oenology Proofreading, Seamanship and Fishing Proofreading, Naval Proofreading, Renewable Energies Proofreading, Environmental Management Proofreading, Food Production Proofreading, Livestock Farming Proofreading, Fishing Proofreading, Cartography Proofreading, Electrical Installations Proofreading, Farm Production Proofreading, Mining Proofreading, Biotechnology Proofreading, Optics Proofreading, Optometry Proofreading, Network Proofreading, Conservation Management of Natural Areas Proofreading, Sustainable Development Proofreading, Political Sciences Proofreading, Economic Sciences Proofreading, Civil Engineering Proofreading, Industrial Engineering Proofreading, Electronic Engineering Proofreading, Marine Engineering Proofreading, Industrial Mechatronics Proofreading, Veterinary Proofreading, Architecture Proofreading, Pharmaceutical Proofreading, Electrical Engineering Proofreading, Tourism Proofreading, Social Work Proofreading, Statistics Proofreading, Language and Audiovisual Media Proofreading, Writing Proofreading, Anthropology Proofreading, International Relations Proofreading, Management Proofreading, Business Management Proofreading, Photography Proofreading, Drawing and Painting Proofreading, Economics Proofreading, Humanities Proofreading, Digital Arts Proofreading, Human Resources Proofreading, Labour Relations Proofreading, Translation and Interpreting Proofreading, Logistics Proofreading, Dramaturgy Proofreading, Cultural Heritage Proofreading, Information and Documentation Proofreading, Terminology Proofreading, Graphic Design Proofreading, Hotel Management Proofreading, Hospitality Proofreading, Imaging Technologies Proofreading, Tourism Companies Proofreading, Company Proofreading, Social Communication Proofreading, Marketing Proofreading.