Technical translation

Technical translation

In englishpanish, we are aware of the high complexity and specialisation that this type of translation exhibits. To carry out a quality technical translation, not only is an excellent command of the target language needed, but also familiarity with the subject matter of the task in hand, and all its concepts and technicalities.

Therefore, the project manager assigned to each project will have additional qualifications to that of translation and a minimum of five years’ experience related to the industrial or technical area to which the text to be translated belongs.

Furthermore, we achieve total quality in our technical translations with the proofreading process carried out by a second translator who will look for possible inconsistencies, in addition to checking the correctness of every technical term. All this in order to ensure fidelity, appropriacy and accuracy in all our projects.

Examples of services offered by this department

Translation of technical documentation

Translation of plans

Translation of designs

Translation of technical descriptions

Translation of technical manuals

Translation of instruction manuals

Translation of instruction books

Translation of instruction booklets

Translation of prospectuses

Translation of leaflets

Translation of user guides

Translation of data sheets

Translation of technical specifications

Translation of patents

Translation of licences

Translation of expert opinions

Types of translation by field of knowledge

Translation of engineering texts

Civil Engineering Translation, Geotechnics Translation, Hydraulics Translation, Structures Translation, Building Translation, Construction Translation, Transport Translation, Architecture Translation, Industry Translation, Agribusiness Translation, Electricity Translation, Computer Science Translation, Information Technology Translation, Chemistry Translation, Farming Translation, Metallurgy Translation, Mining Translation, Mechanics Translation, Environmental Translation, Medical Translation, Bioprocess Translation, Aerospace Translation, Construction Works Translation, Manufacturing or Processes Industrial Engineering Translation, Electrical Engineering Translation, Mechanical Engineering Translation, Chemical Engineering Translation, Bioprocess Engineering Translation, Biochemical Engineering Translation, Agricultural Engineering Translation, Forest Engineering Translation, Agroindustrial Engineering Translation, Industrial Engineering Translation, Fisheries Management Translation, Gaming Engineering Translation, Hydraulic Engineering Translation, Sanitary Engineering Translation, Food Engineering Translation, Biochemical Engineering Translation, Biotechnology Engineering Translation, Acoustic Engineering Translation, Computer Engineering Translation, Zootechnics Translation, Aquacultural Engineering Translation, Military Engineering Translation, Combat Engineering Translation, Explosives Engineering Translation, Marine Engineering Translation.


Translation of computer science texts 

Computation Theory Translation, Information and Coding Theory Translation, Algorithm Translation, Data Structure Translation, Programming Languages Theory Translation, Formal Methods Translation, Computer Science Translation, Artificial Intelligence Translation, Computer Architecture Translation, Computer Performance Analysis Translation, Computational Science Translation, Computer Networks Translation, Concurrent Computing Translation, Parallel Systems Translation, Distributed Computing Translation, Database Translation, Medical Informatics Translation, Biomedical Informatics Translation, Information Science Translation, Software Engineering Translation, Translation of Texts on Computer Science, Videogame Translation.


Translation of websites

englishpanish provides a professional service for the localization and translation of websites for companies, public entities, research groups, individuals, etc. This service covers both the preparation of customized quotations (word count for every web page of the site and discounts for word repetitions, term estimate, etc.) and the creation of new contents in several target languages (translation to English, translation to Portuguese, translation to French, translation to German, translation to Catalan… and so on up to over sixty different languages). All this for the same price as a standard translation (quotation and content localization services are provided free of charge).